Pavoloni International Professional Translation & Interpreting in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota

Certified German Translation Experts & Interpreters

Our Professional German translators specialize in the following practice areas:
  • German Certified and Notarized Official Translations: Birth Certificate | Marriage Certificate | Divorce Decrees| Passports | Diplomas | Academic Transcripts | Resumes | Sworn Statements | Adoption Documents | Medical Records and more Official Records
  • German Translation of legal and financial documents: Contracts | Summons | Complaints | Exhibits | Wills | Financial Statements| Real Estate| Purchase Agreements  Insurance Policies | Claims | Correspondence | Trial Records | Buyer and Seller Agreements | Leases | Power of Attorneys | Titles | Employment Documents
  • German Translation of  marketing and advertising tools: Ads | Commercials | Brochures | Flyers| Campaigns | Surveys Websites| Automated Phone Systems | Print Media Posters | Banners
  • German Translation for labor and manufacturing:  Employee Manuals | Handbooks | Directives| Corporate Policies Instruction Manuals | Technical Specs| Labels | Code of Ethics | Benefits | By-laws Technical Manuals | Student/Parent Handbooks and Guides
  • German Interpreting Services: Qualified on Site Interpreters for Corporate Communication |Business Negotiations Arbitration | Depositions Employee Training | Product Training| Cultural & Social Events |Worker's Compensation  Labor and Diversity
  • German Technical Translation Services by Specialist for Technical, Scientific, Medical and Manufacturing industries  

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