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Our Standards of Excellence

Pavoloni International utilizes translators and editors who are native speakers of the target language.
All translation projects undergo an attentive review from start to finish.

At the initial stage, the project manager and the client review the parameters of the language project. The project manager analyzes the source text and addresses any issues pertaining to specific terminology, glossary development and localization. Based on the required subject matter and industry, the most qualified and experienced target language translator and editor are selected for the project.

Upon completion of the first draft, the translator submits the text to the project manager, who then forwards it to a separate editor. The editor reviews the translation by targeting grammar, typos, terminology, style, makes changes, and re-submits the document for approval.

The project manager, translator and editor work in synergy to deliver print ready documents in the same format as the original source document. Prior to delivery a final review is conducted to assure full compliance with client requirements. Projects are delivered by electronic file via e-mail.

Ultimately the rigorous screening of the project managers, translators, and editors, is designed to guarantee accurate, effective and culturally appropriate language conversions that will read and sound as if written or spoken in the intended target language and culture.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what makes Pavoloni International unique for the quality of our translation services and commitment to our clients
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