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Pavoloni International is Minnesota's distinguished provider of comprehensive language solutions delivered by professional linguists in over 150 world languages + Spanish, Italian, French, German, Thai, Chinese, Somali, Hmong, Russian... 


We support law firms and corporations by delivering exemplary translations of a wide range of legal, medical and business documents including forms, complaints, exhibits contracts, agreements, financial statements , articles of incorporation. 

The native linguists and editors on our team prepare accurate and culturally sound translation of brochures, pamphlets, handbooks, flyers, audiovisual scripts and all types of marketing tools in the language of  your audience.

 Repeat clients rely on our translation of corporate documents such as employee incentives and compliance programs, code of ethics, surveys, health plans

We routinely translate and certify all personal records ranging from birth and marriage certificates, to adoption, divorce decrees and more

Pavoloni International assists students, schools and universities by translating and notarizing diplomas and transcripts, family handbooks, policies, tutorials and academic papers.

All projects are supervised from start to finish and translations reviewed for accuracy and style by separate editors and proofreaders.

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate the excellence of our language solutions and commitment to you!

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