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Minnesota Somali Professional Translation of Employee Manuals, Handbooks 

In today's global economy the translation of manuals and handbooks is crucial for any company seeking or consolidating new markets or hiring an international workforce. Products and services are either sold and provided overseas, or they reach local Hispanic communities in the U.S. Accordingly, quality translation of documents represents a significant step forward towards the success of your strategies.

The following are the types of manuals we frequently translate to Somali

  • Employee  Manuals
  • Health Plans and Policies
  • Instructions
  • Safety Guides
  • Product  Guides
  • Maintenance  Guides

Spanish Translation of Handbooks and Policies

Handbooks are very important in promoting effective communication with your employees, increase productivity and integrate corporate culture. Companies hire personnel from different countries and cultures whether locally or globally. Thus, it is essential to break the language barrier by communicating clearly and effectively through the translation of handbooks.

We provide Translation  to Somali of the  following are the types of handbooks:

  • Business  Ethics  
  • Codes  of Conduct
  • Educational  Handbooks
  • Employee  Handbooks
  • Office  Handbooks
  • Medical  Handbooks

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