Technical & Industrial Translation

Technical & Industrial Translation

Minnesota Tecnical Translation Experts Since 1985

Professional translation of technical and industrial documents in 150+ Languages and dialects in Minneapolis

Subject matter specialists deliver accurate translations of  user manuals and technical documentation for industrial and manufacturing applications.

The technical translators and editors in our team produce ISO compliant translations of Safety Instructions, Technical Specs, Product Guides, Packaging and Labels.

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Specialized Translators + Experience + Accuracy = Exemplary Translation Services

Technical translations require not only a skilled linguist, but translators and editors with industry-specific technical background and expertise

Computer software, industrial manuals, medical and scientific texts, and a variety of other specialized documents fall within this category. Products and services are either sold and provided overseas, or they reach local communities in the U.S. Accordingly, accurate translations of technical manuals and safety documentation represent a significant step forward towards the success and prestige of your company.

The professional translators in our team are selected for their linguistic abilities and proven knowledge of the specific industry.

This is a partial list of the types of the documents we translate:

  • ‍Electronic
  • Health Manuals
  • Medical Devices
  • Computer
  • Operating Instructions
  • Safety Instructions
  • Technical Specifications
  • Product Guides
  • Packaging Instructions
  • Maintenance Guides
  • Labels
  • User Manuals
  • Training Media
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